Parent Differently with Dr. Kathy Koch

Character influences all areas of a child’s life especially their convictions, establishes their reputation, and ultimate determines their destiny. Dr. Kathy Koch joined us on Wake Up Right this past week to tell us about her new book, Parent Differently: Raise Kids with Biblical Character that Changes Culture. She reminds parents that if they want to see their children adopt positive attitudes, act righteously, and develop healthy habits, then they themselves must lead by example in understanding and demonstrating biblical character. We absolutely love every opportunity to talk with Dr. Kathy, one of our favorite guests on Wake Up Right! We appreciate her practical insights on parenting and the character, educational, and spiritual development of our children and grandchildren.

Expanding on what she shared on Wake Up Right, Dr. Kathy’s latest book, Parent Differently: Raise Kids with Biblical Character that Changes Culture, offers practical, relatable, and spiritual-centered insights and strategies for parents and educators, instructing them on how to guide children to develop biblical character so they flourish in life. Some of the topics featured include:

The Connection between Character and Obedience: Teaching character allows children to develop healthy character and a heart for obedience based on right beliefs.

The Influence of a Biblical Worldview: A biblical worldview helps children navigate life with God’s truth, love, and leadership. They must understand that character is a choice, and choices are rooted in their beliefs about people and how the world works.

Essential Foundational Beliefs: Parents’ personal beliefs influence their children’s attitudes, character, and behavior, so it is essential that parents remember how Jesus loved, valued, and cherished children.

Strategies for Teaching & Improving Character: Teaching biblical character begins with a transformation of the heart and a pursuit of godly truths. Parents can prioritize children’s spiritual development through prayer, Bible study, church involvement, and worship.

Dr. Kathy also includes the importance of biblical character, qualities of biblical character, and working through challenges of developing character.

About Dr. Kathy Koch

Dr. Kathy Koch is the founder and president of Celebrate Kids, Inc., an organization dedicated to helping parents and educators understand and meet the needs of today’s children, and a co-founder of Ignite the Family: A Movement of Awakened Parents. She is also an international speaker and the author of several books including Screens and TeensNo More Perfect Kids and How Am I Smart? Dr. Koch earned her Ph.D. in reading and educational psychology from Purdue University. She resides in Ft. Worth, TX. Learn more about Dr. Koch at