From Us to You – April 2024

March. May. June! It’s a busy season at WRGN. “Wait!” you say, “you missed the month of April!” You’re right! That’s just how quickly this season goes…

Seriously, the month of April is when we take a deep breath and prepare for May and June. May, of course, is when the Good News Library has its Spring Book Sale, and the first Saturday in June is always WRGN’s “More Than a Yard Sale,” followed up several weeks later by our Ride for Radio.

As many of you know, WRGN accomplishes a lot with a small staff. We couldn’t do it though, without you! Volunteers are the heart and soul of the ministry. Let me take a moment BEFORE all these events, to thank those of you who give of your time and effort to make these events happen. Let me also invite those of you who have never volunteered with WRGN before, to join us this year!

Maybe you are in a new season of life and have some more time to help out in the ministry. Maybe you have a special skill that you think would help us continue the work of broadcasting the Good News to Northeastern Pennsylvania. Mailings, the Good News Library, painting, grass cutting — all kinds of opportunities exist! Give us a call at 800-245-3688 and let us know how you can help!

As we work together, the ministry of WRGN will continue to make an impact!

Working together,

Tim Madeira

General Manager