Text us!

Loving a program? Need more info about something you just heard? Want to request a song? You can text us anytime at 800-245-3688 or 570-477-3688.

The Fine Print

You can text us just like you would text a friend. You’re not opting into a text list and we don’t send out mass promotional texts. We’ll just reply to you if you text us. Simple as that.

Nonetheless, mobile carriers have rules and regulations, so there’s a few things to make it more clear.


  • We don’t send bulk or promotional SMS messages.
  • If you text us, we’ll text you back!
  • For instance, if you text us:
    • “Hey I heard about an awesome concert on Wake Up Right this morning, can you send me more details?” – we’d love to reply with a link to wrgn.com/events or the specific event you’re referencing!
    • “Hey I heard you’re assembling a newsletter mailing next week… I’ll be there to help!” – we’ll probably reply with some happy emojis! 🥳🙌
    • “Can you play I Thank God for me this morning?” – we’ll reply with something like “Love that song! We’ll do our best to play that for you!”


  • Messaging consent is implied when you send us an SMS. Alternatively, you can give us consent to message you by sending the word START or SUBSCRIBE to us.


  • Don’t want us to text you anymore? No worries. Just send us the word STOP.
  • Need help with something related to messaging or contacting us? Just send the word HELP and we’ll be happy to assist you.