Querida Morgan

Meet our Administrative Assistant

  • Position:
    Administrative Assistant


I was born and raised in Northeast Pennsylvania; and while growing up as a missionary kid, I developed a heart for ministry. I love the way that ministry brings people together, points to a higher calling than just oneself, and you just never know what God might do! While I am not the most outspoken person in the world, I still wanted to find a way that I could help ministry continue in my area, so I went to school at Clarks Summit University for a degree in Business Administration, so that I could help ministries in a practical way. Now I am just along for the ride and ready for God to blow my mind as I see what He has in store for my life!


I got saved when I was three. Since then, it has been a continual growth process of getting to know God better. When I was three my dad was diagnosed with Stage 3, high risk cancer. Even though I was very young and I don’t remember everything I very much remember the faith that was on display through my parents. I learned about the depth and comfort that faith can bring. That unfortunate circumstance really set the foundation for my faith. From that point on, my faith has been founded on the miracle of my father surviving cancer for over 15 years now! I can’t say that everything has been flowers and rainbows since then, but knowing that no matter what comes my way, God is in control and has a plan for my life, even when I can’t see what he is doing has brought me great comfort and joy even in the midst of hard times. Now, I want to serve him wherever that may be and however that looks!


I have always had a hard time choosing a favorite verse, but one of my favorites is Nahum 1:3b, “His way is in the whirlwind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet.” I have always thought this was an incredible reminder of the fact that sometimes God’s plan for me can involve obstacles, but that doesn’t mean that his plan isn’t good or he doesn’t know what he is doing. And on top of it, his power blows my mind! Some of my other favorites are Zephaniah 3:17, Jeremiah 29:11 and 33:3, and 1 John 4:18.


I love a good chicken curry or some sushi. Ice cream is always a good option for dessert! My absolute favorite thing in the world though is African Chickpea Stew. I will try just about anything though!


“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot
“With every encounter in life you either give life or you drain it.”
“Only those who risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go.” – T.S. Eliot


I love to hike and travel! Outdoor adventures are my favorite things to do; from rock climbing, ziplining, bouldering, tubing, waterskiing, and everything in between I love it all. I also enjoy calmer hobbies as well. I love reading, cooking, photography, video editing, and hanging out with friends! I love a good coffee or tea, fresh flowers, and (always) trying new things!


I LOVE to travel…so anywhere and everywhere is on my bucket list for some point in my life; however my top places to go would be Alaska, Canada, Northwest US, Acadia National Park, and Ecuador! I think a backpacking trip one day would be fun too.