Our on-air Share-A-Thon was an incredible time hearing from many of our listeners not just how they’ll partner with us in ministry this year, but also about the ways that WRGN ministers to them each day! Here are just a few:


I was saved by hearing the gospel message on WRGN. I’m thankful for all the music and programs that keep my heart focused on our Savior. – Chris, Kingston

I love WRGN–no other radio station compares. I just love the whole crew. They brighten up my day! – Nancy, Hazleton

Proud to be a supporter of Christian radio in Northeastern PA since the day the station began! – New Life Community Church, Hanover Twp

I’m listening so much more now since the pandemic! It’s my peace and quiet and relaxation, and the fantastic praise and worship music keeps me company. I listen on Alexa in every room of the house! – Kim, Mountain Top

“We listen on Alexa all the time–even in the car, because we’re listening from FL! When we moved to FL from PA, one of the first things we did was hook up our smart speaker so we could play WRGN. The first thing we heard was Denise’s worship program In Your Presence. It brought us so much peace to have a little piece of home in FL.” – Katrina, Florida


We heard from a record number of people listening on smart speakers this year! One listener, Carrie, recently moved to NY but still listens on smart speakers in her home because she missed WRGN so much–and she was so excited to continue participating in supporting the ministry!


We actually kicked off Share-A-Thon with only our online broadcast due to equipment failure at 6 AM that morning that took us off the air. It made Lisa from Wyoming think, “What if the station was off the air for good?” and it stirred her to call and support the ministry!


Despite the challenge of technical issues and being off the air for the start of Share-A-Thon, many listeners called and donated or committed in faith to donate over the next few months. We’ve made great progress towards our Share-A-Thon and look forward to hearing from more listeners who haven’t yet let us know that we can count on them for the coming year.


If you supported us, THANK YOU! If you missed the on-air portion of this fundraiser, would you take a few minutes to make a donation to continue the ministry of WRGN in 2022? Our once a year Share-A-Thon is the major source of our budget. YOU can be part of sharing the good news of the gospel through the teaching, music, programs, and podcasts here on WRGN!