Redeeming Productivity

We often feel overworked and overrun, defeated, and discouraged. The world says be productive so that you can get all you can out of this life. The Bible says be productive so you can gain more of the next life. In his new book Redeeming Productivity: Getting More Done for the Glory of God, author Reagan Rose explores how God’s glory is the purpose for which He planted us, and he shows how productivity must be firmly rooted in the gospel. Only through our connection to Christ—the True Vine—are we empowered to produce good fruit.

Reagan joined us on Wake Up Right last week to share about his media ministry (and brand new book of the same name), Redeeming Productivity:

As we enter a new year, we will be surrounded with messages about setting goals, getting more done, and reprioritizing for 2023. Maybe you’ll start a new Bible reading plan or devotional. Before you set your goals for 2023, check out Reagan’s great book Redeeming Productivity which shows how we can maintain the vitality of our connection to Christ through simple, life-giving disciplines. Readers will discover manageable applications like giving God the first fruits of our days, and Reagan’s five pillars of Christian productivity provide theological truths about our relationship to God to form the biblical foundation of productivity for the glory of God. He also discusses how our perspective on suffering is transformed as we see trials as God’s pruning for greater productivity.


About Reagan Rose

Reagan Rose is the founder of Redeeming Productivity, a media ministry focused on a biblical approach to personal productivity. Reagan has a Master of Divinity from The Master’s Seminary and lives in Michigan with his wife, Kim, and their two children.

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