What’s your “I Thank God!” story?

Inspired by the joy-filled anthem “I Thank God,” we’re celebrating God’s goodness during this whole fall season! We thank God for salvation, our hope and future through Jesus Christ! We thank him for giving us the ministry of reconciliation and the opportunity to share the good news of the gospel through Christian radio! We thank him for his faithfulness during our nearly 40 years of ministry!

We want to hear from YOU–how has God picked you up, turned you around, and placed your feet on solid ground? How has WRGN played a part in your story? Email a short voice memo to mystory(at)wrgn.com or text it to us at 800-245-3688 and we’d love to feature your I THANK GOD story on the air this fall.

Need more info on recording a voice memo? It’s super easy! We have more details at the bottom of this page!

As “I Thank God” declares, “From now until I walk the streets of gold, I’ll sing of how you saved my soul!” Share your story!

Check out these stories from our listeners:

“WRGN brightens my day! No other station compares!”

“If everyone listened to WRGN, the world would be a better place!”

“I was saved by hearing the gospel message on WRGN. I’m thankful for all the music and programs that keep my heart focused on our Savior!”

“I listen so much more since the pandemic! It’s my peace, quiet, and relaxation, and the fantastic worship music keeps me company. I listen on Alexa in every room of the house!”

“When we moved to Florida last year, one of the first things we did was hook up our smart speaker so we could listen to WRGN… it brought us so much peace to have a little bit of home in FL, and we still listen all the time.”


How to record a voice memo on your smartphone

iPhone >


Every Android device has a basic built-in voice recorder to capture audio for voice notes, song recordings, or other content. Use a search engine like Google to find specific instructions for your device by seaching “record voice memo on [your phone model]” or try these steps to use the built-in voice recorder app on your device:

Step 1: Swipe up from the bottom of your screen to access the App Drawer.

Step 2: Depending on your device and the version of Android you’re using, you’ll see either the Voice Recorder App or a folder with the name of your phone. If you see a folder with your phone’s name, open it to access the Voice Recorder App.

Step 3: Tap the Voice Recorder App to open the built-in recorder.

Step 4: Press the red button to start recording.

Step 5: Press the gray square at the bottom of the screen to stop and save your recording. If you’re using an Android OS 6 or new model, your voice recordings will be saved to the Voice Recorder folder. Older devices save voice recordings in the Sounds folder.