Keystone Mission’s REAL TALK

Keystone Mission’s 2nd Annual REAL TALK is happening today and tomorrow, October 13-14, on Public Square on Wilkes-Barre! REAL TALK is a 24-hour live stream event that was started to educate and bring awareness to the ever-growing pandemic of homelessness in Northeast PA.

REAL TALK is where Justin Behrens, CEO & Executive Director, sits outside for 24-hours straight and engages with community members, local business owners, local, state, and federal officials on the topics around homelessness. Justin is stationed at the Public Square in Wilkes-Barre sharing about Keystone Mission’s new 15-bed Transformation Center and how they will use its programming to bring about REAL change in the lives of men across NEPA.

Hear what’s happening at the Keystone Mission in this conversation with Justin Behrens on Wake Up Right!

Be sure to tune in to the REAL TALK livestream at or at

About the Keystone Mission

Keystone Mission is an award-winning, local faith-based organization with locations in Scranton and Wilkes-Barre. Their focus is to transform lives through relationships by the hope of the Gospel.

Keystone Mission is gearing to open a 15-bed male Transformation Center in 2022. The center will be the hub for men in NEPA. Men will live at the center 27/4, with access to food, clothes, and a structured program with the sole focus to transform their lives and become productive members of society. The structured program is 5-pillars of transformation built on the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The pillars are the Genesis Process, Job Readiness, Spiritual Training, Life Skill Training, and Self-Care.

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