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June 1, 2022

One of my favorite things about working in radio is the opportunity to do interviews. Whether it’s interviewing a part of our listening family during Share-A-Thon, talking to someone about an event that is coming up, or interviewing an author about a recent book release, I enjoy asking questions that make people think.


One of my most recent interviews was with Molly DeFrank, author of a book called Digital Detox, where she talks about a two-week “tech reset” and how it helped her six children learn to entertain themselves without screens. Not only did I enjoy her answers to my questions, she asked me a question that I then passed on to my children! I could tell you to subscribe to our podcast and listen to our conversation and the question for yourself (which I do recommend you do by the way). However, I will give the question and my children’s answers here because I think it is helpful for all of us, whether we have kids or not.


She suggested I ask my adult children what principles guided our home based on both what we taught and how we lived? I asked my three grown daughters this question separately, curious if they all came away with the same principles. They all had one common thread, and that was hospitality, modeled wonderfully by Heather. The others were variations of three things: generosity, service, and excellence.


We have a very short time to lay the foundation for our children. Let’s not surrender that time to media that does not bring glory to God and encourage the principles from His Word. Let’s be intentional in providing our families with plenty of opportunities to learn biblical principles that are broadcast daily here on WRGN and will help guide them for the rest of their lives.


Laying a firm foundation,

Tim Madeira
General Manager


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