From Us To You

December 1, 2021

We have a cousin whose birthday falls around Christmas Day, and his day can easily get lost in the shuffle of the holiday season. Ironically, it’s actually easy for the birth of our Savior to get lost in the shuffle of the holiday season!


We can so easily get busy with the “stuff” of the holidays that we forget what we’re supposed to be remembering! It’s one of the reasons I love the idea of Advent, including the Advent specials and other Christmas programming we have here on WRGN. It’s a great reminder to us to slow down and think about what it is we’re celebrating as we gather on December 25.


The story of Jesus’ birth is a snapshot in time that reveals a picture of what God has been doing since the beginning of time. Looking backwards we can see his plan, his B.C.– history. Then the arrival of Anno Domini, A.D., the year of our Lord. Stretching forward from that point, we can see his amazing plan unfolding, but the end of that plan has not yet unfolded for us!


As you celebrate the Advent and Christmas season, let WRGN help you keep the focus of your celebration where it should be. Check out some of the wonderful Christmas specials and Christmas music we are playing during the month of December to remind us of our Savior’s birth!


Celebrating with you,


Tim Madeira
General Manager