From Us To You

August 1, 2023

I don’t know about you, but for Heather and me, summertime is porch time! We eat our meals there listening to the birds chattering at the feeder; we relax there in the evening and watch the fireflies blinking in the trees. Any opportunity finds us either sitting on the porch together, or Heather tending to her flowers that decorate it. These simple pleasures bring peace to our summer days, all the while in the back of our mind knowing that all too soon the busyness of autumn will begin.

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When the thoughts of all that needs to be done begin to come to the forefront–and maybe bring with them a little tension–I try to remind myself of Jesus’ words from Matthew 6. There he refers to watching the birds and flowers and how the heavenly Father cares for them. He closes chapter 6 with these words, “Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow…”


When the anxiety and pressures of life crowd your thoughts, allow Jesus’ words to sink in and consider the birds and the flowers. The wonderful thing is, they are all around us to remind us–we just need to notice them! WRGN can help as well, to fill our minds with God’s Word through music, messages, and encouragement!


Make WRGN a part of your daily routine, and let it help set your mind on the faithfulness of the Father. He cares for you, and we do, too!


Considering the flowers,

Tim Madeira
General Manager