From Us To You

April 3, 2023

Those of you who have been part of the WRGN listening family for any length of time know that we have a sister station that we started in the US Virgin Islands. WIVH–the West Indies Voice of Hope–will celebrate its 30th year of broadcasting this summer! With that in mind, and coming fresh off of my time there for our Share-A-Thon, I thought it would be good to bring you up to speed on what has been happening there.


I was actually scheduled to be at WIVH in March of 2020, and planned to leave the day before the world (or at least travel!) shut down. Fortunately, I got sick and had to cancel the trip. (Never thought I would be thankful for getting sick!) If we had traveled, there is a possibility we would have gotten stuck on the island, potentially for a length of time. There are stories of those who got stuck overseas because they could not return home, including one couple who spent nearly three months in Costa Rica because of the shutdown.


Tim Madeira, Michael Warner, and Denise Warner on the air during Share-A-Thon on March 17-18.

Fortunately, the islands are open for travel once again, and seem to be recovering quite nicely. Last year’s Share-A-Thon saw us meeting less than 50% of our goal during the on-air portion of our fundraiser, and this year we raised 75% – praise the Lord! WIVH listeners were once again thrilled to have the opportunity to meet some of the voices they hear on a daily basis. One woman could not believe that she was actually sitting there talking to Denise Warner from In Your Presence, and told her how much she enjoys listening to the program every Sunday night.


We consider ourselves blessed to be a part of the continuing ministry of WIVH, and thank each of you who have given to help make this mission radio station possible!


Proclaiming his praise,


Tim Madeira
General Manager