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Prayers and Praises

  • 5/20/2015 Please pray for Gretchen a 35 year old who had a massive heart attack. She has a hole in her heart that needs repair. She is on life support. Pray for family. Pray for the peace of God to be with them all.
  • 5/14/2015 Please pray for a young man, Brain who is suicidal over life's struggles. Pray that he will feel the very love and presence of God with him right now- in the place he is and the way he is feeling. Pray for encouraging friends and family around him. Please lift him up to our savior Jesus and out of depressions grip!
  • 5/13/2015 Urgent prayer request for Betsy who was just taken into emergency surgery for internal bleeding. She has blockages in her colon. She also has pneumonia and is very high risk. Pray for wisdom and steady hands for her doctors and your peace over the whole situation.
  • 5/13/2015 Please pray for a newborn named Cooper. His blood is showing some kind of growth that has not been identified. Pray that any tests that are done make things clear for the doctors and that God will give wisdom. Pray for peace for the parents.
  • 5/12/2015 Please pray for Wendie who is having elbow surgery tomorrow. She has a right elbow that is giving her a lot of pain. Pray for her doctors and for a comfortable quick recovery.
  • 5/8/2015 Please pray for Annie who is having thyroid surgery on May 11th. There are 3 nodules to be removed. Please pray for minimal pain and a good recovery. The doctors don't have to open her chest. They are doing a tube in the neck. Pray for wisdom for her doctors, peace and comfort in her healing. 
  • 5/6/2014 Please pray for Nancy who has leukemia. She was in remission and is having tests done. Pray for blood counts to increase.
  • 5/7/2014 Please pray for Iva, she is going in for surgery for a malignant spot on her back. Pray for wisdom for her doctors and that she will feel God's peace as she goes through the procedure.
  • 5/1/2015 Please pray for a young man named Chris. He is in the hospital after having a stroke and they are running test for a blood on his brain. Pray for wisdom, strength and peace.
  • 5/1/2015 Please pray for Tim. He has a large mass on his right thigh. He is having a biopsy today and should have results Monday. Please pray that the mass is benign.

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