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Prayers and Praises

  • 5/25/2016 Please pray for Liz who had a terrible fall. She has had several falls lately and is having tests done. Please pray for Judie who has a suspicious insect bite that the doctor is treating. Pray for the treatment to be effective and that healing would come. Please pray for Jenn and Chad and their new baby Evelynn. It was a very long labor. All are doing well. Continued prayer for Bob and Steve and all those looking for work. Please pray for Walter who has diabetes and heart concerns along with arthritis. He is dealing continuous coughing. He will see a doctor today. Pray for wisdom.
  • 5/19/2016 Please pray for Devon who is consulting with a doctor for possible 10th back surgery. She is only in her 30's. Please pray for God to give wisdom to her doctors as they move forward. Pray for God's peace and healing.
  • 5/18/2016 Please pray for Peter who is in the hospital with breathing issues. He is having some heart issues as well. Pray as they run tests. Please lift up a young boy named Cove who has a dislocated elbow and will have surgery tomorrow. Pray for wisdom as his doctors work and for full healing.
  • 5/13/2016  Please pray for the Leach family on the loss of Amanda.  She was only 26. Play for God's peace and comfort.
  • 5/10/2016 Please continue prayer for Joyce her doctor found another tumor and now they are running some more tests. She will start chemotherapy and / or radiation after the results come back. Please pray for Tom who is in the hospital with swollen legs. The doctors are working to rid him of about 10 lbs of water. He was also having trouble breathing, but is feeling better today. Pray for Gabriel the young 3 year old we have prayed for before. His MRI's came back with a new tumor pushing on his brain. The doctors told the family he only has a few weeks to live. Please pray for him and for his family. Asking God for a miracle.
  • 5/9/2016 Please pray for David, his hernia surgery went well. Pray for continued safe recovery. Please pray for Paul who has kidney stone issues. Please pray for Esther as she goes today to Pain Management. Prayers for Anna, she will have another Chemotherapy treatment tomorrow. Please lift up little 5 month old Clare who is under doctor care for seizures. Prayer also for her family.
  • 5/5/2016 Please pray for Charlene who was rushed to the hospital with pneumonia. Continued prayer for Nathan who had kidney surgery. He will be starting chemotherapy next week. Thanking God for his healing touch for Maryanne and Dennis. Both are doing much better. Prayers for a wonderful Wedding for Rachel and Matthew. May God be glorified and may they be blessed. Prayers for traveling mercy and protection as the family travels.
  • 4/29/2016 Please pray for Joyce who had surgery for cancer however they found another tumor and she will be beginning 5 days a week for 5 weeks radiation. Pray for healing and peace. Please pray for Debbie who's liver cancer has returned and she will be starting treatments. Pray for wisdom as her doctors work to decide which treatments will be effective. Continued prayers please for all those looking for work .
  • 4/27/2016 Please pray for Art who is having lung issues. Pray for wisdom for him and his doctors. Pray for the family. Please pray Esther who is traveling to see her doctor for the results of her MRI. Pray for Bennett a little four year old with heart issues. He has had several surgeries. Pray for his doctors and for his parents.
  • 4/26/2016 Please pray for David , who is having hernia surgery in early May. Please pray for Billy, who has severe back issues and may lose his mobility in the next couple months. Lift up in prayer Doug who has a slow growing brain tumor. He will be having this rechecked in three months. Pray for Eunice who had a mini stroke. Pray for Nathan who is 3 years old. He had his kidney and the tumor removed. He is doing well. Pray for him as the treatments start. Pray for his family.  

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