Prayer Warriors Needed!

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Prayers and Praises

  • 8/21/2015 Please lift up in prayer George who is having an MRI for stomach issues he is having. Pray for healing.
  • 8/21/2015 Please continue to pray for Sammie. He will be going home and they will schedule surgery for a block in his heart. Pray for his family.
  • 8/20/2015 Pray for Maryann, she is a cancer survivor and will be doing a T.V. interview for Breast Cancer Awareness. She wants to give tribute to God for all he has brought her through. Praise God!
  • 8/20/2015 Please pray for Carol's mom. She is suffering from dementia and as the doctors try anti anxiety drugs she is not getting any better. Pray for the peace of God and especially at night where she seems to be worse. Pray for wisdom for her doctors as well.
  • 8/20/2015 Please pray for Sally who is seeing the doctor and getting tests results soon. Pray for a good outcome!
  • 8/20/2015 Please pray for Sally's son Sammy. He is in the hospital and is having heart issues. Pray for wisdom as the doctors work and run tests. Healing, health and peace.
  • 8/17/2015 Pray for Ruth who is in hospice and prayers for her family. Pray for the peace of God to be with them all.
  • 8/17/2015 Continued prayers for Al. He is out of the hospital and doing well physically but his mental capacities are not as sharp as they would like. They are trying new medicines.
  • 8/17/2015 Pray for Esther who is having trouble with her knee again. Asking God for wisdom as she gets new medicine . She has had problems with medications before.
  • 8/17/2015 Pray for Janet, Dale's wife. She is having tests for possible cancer on the ovary. Wisdom for the doctors. Prayers for a healing.

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