There’s still GOOD NEWS worth repeating…

…so lift your head and keep singing–”PRAISE THE LORD!”

In good times and bad, it’s always helpful to remind ourselves that the faithfulness and goodness of God transcend all circumstances and situations! As Creator of all things, He has been on the throne since the beginning of time–through countless uprisings, injustices, pandemics, famines, kingdoms, and authorities. We see only a glimpse of what is going on around us, but He not only sees all… He is sovereign over all!

WRGN shares this truth and encouragement through music, Bible teaching, programs, and more. When stay-at-home orders isolated many individuals from their churches, friends, and family, WRGN was present 24/7 to offer hope-filled songs and share the peace of Christ. The good news of the gospel makes us ALIVE with joy and hope, and we can’t help but share it with others. We truly believe that as Christ-followers, we were made for times like this. As those who have been brought from spiritual death to spiritual life, we have great news to share! What better time could there be than now to share it?

Here’s what one listener told us:

Listening to WRGN is so uplifting! It helps get me through my day just to have it on. Especially during this pandemic–it’s been a light for me every day while I work from home.

Our theme for Share-A-Thon 2020 comes from one of our favorite songs on WRGN right now: “Alive and Breathing” by Matt Maher:

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