Thank you!

Without your support and the support of others like you, the ministry of WRGN would not be possible. Thank you for supporting Share-A-Thon 2020! We’re looking forward to another great year of ministry. While many of our circumstances this year have been uncertain, we are trusting God’s plan, confident in His perfect provision, and excited about fulfilling His calling here at WRGN. View our Share-A-Thon 2020 progress here!

This has been a challenging year for so many people, and we are thankful that Christian radio has more opportunity than ever to provide comfort, hope, and a sense of presence to many people who are feeling alone. We are passionate about being Your Good News Network because the gospel is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes. It stirs up believers to love and good works. The good news builds us up through grace-filled, encouraging words. The good news enables us to stand firm no matter the circumstances. The good news fills our hearts and minds with joy and peace. We all need this good news in the midst of the chaos around us. This good news makes us ALIVE!

So many callers during our recent Share-A-Thon shared how WRGN has meant more to them than ever as they work from home or have experienced other changes in their schedules and routines.

I LOVE the morning show! It really encourages me, especially now during this negative time.


I appreciate the encouragement and the light that WRGN has been to me during this time.


WRGN is a vital part of my daily walk. Thank you for your years of ministry. I am a life that was changed.


Listening to WRGN is so uplifting! It helps get me through my day just to have it on. Especially during this pandemic–it’s been a light for me every day while I work from home.

WRGN has truly been a light for Christ this year. When stay-at-home orders isolated many individuals from their churches, friends, and family, WRGN was present 24/7 to offer hope-filled songs and share the peace of Christ, and we are excited to continue doing that in 2021. Thank you for partnering with us!

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