Busker Street Organ

Burl Updyke and organ,
built from plans supplied by John Smith

I used Midwest basswood from a hobby store for the pipes.
The bellows were covered with CPL Gusset Leather, medium, obtained from Columbia Organ Leathers, 915 Lancaster Ave., Columbia, PA 17512. (A small sheep skin cost $47.00) I feel that if you are going to all the work to make pipes and bellows, don't skimp on materials. Elmers Carpenter Wood Glue was used for most of the construction. However, Shoe Goo cement was used for gluing the leather to the bellows. I made the case larger. The size is 17" wide, 13" high and 13" deep. It weighs 17 pounds. It's bigger than the plans call for, but I had no trouble getting everything inside. It is a very interesting project, and well worth the time and effort to build. My thanks to all who helped with suggestions and answered questions.

Click here to hear organ playing via REAL AUDIO

Organ grinding video available (click here)