From Us to You – July 2024

Anticipation –  Looking forward to something we know is going to happen. That’s what July is about for us this year. In some ways I feel like Paul Revere riding through the streets…”the grandkids are coming, the grandkids are coming!” Okay, the rest of the family is coming too, but

if you’re (young) grandparents like we are, you know what I mean. We are prepping things around the house, scheduling what we will do when the whole family gets together, and meal planning. I know though, when the time arrives, we will not quite be ready, and yet we will welcome them with joy.

Revelation 22 talks about the coming of the Lord. As believers we are told to watch, wait, and be prepared! Sometimes this can be a challenge for us, not because we’re not looking forward to or anticipating the coming of the Lord, but because we feel there is always more we can do.

As believers, we have been assigned a specific task to do, and hopefully we are all busy doing it! The opportunities to fulfill the Great Commission are endless.

As I’m sure happens at your house, things slow down here at the radio studios for a month or so. This gives us time to regroup and prepare for the fall. While we will enjoy the break, we will also be looking forward, with anticipation, to more opportunities to minister through the rest of the year!

We are grateful for all who support this radio ministry, whether by volunteering your time or through your financial contributions so that WRGN may continue broadcasting the good news. Your dedication makes this ministry a reality!


With grateful anticipation,

Tim Madeira